Textile and Apparel Design

General information

All students activities are rated according to the European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System (ECTS), so that each semester is awarded 30 ECTS credits. The basic applied studies last for three years, that is, six semesters and they award 180 ECTS points. The studies are conducted in the form of class-based teaching (face-to-face), in Serbian. The study program is realized within the field of applied arts and design, particularly in the field of textile and apparel design.


Upon completing basic applied studies, a student is awarded the title of Bachelor of Applied Design. According to the National Framework of Qualifications of the Republic of Serbia (NFQRS) the completion of basic applied studies is achieved at the sixth level, sub-level one (level 6.1). The condition for acquiring this level is previously achieving level 4 of NFQRS and passing a general, professional or artistic graduation.

Teaching and exams

The classes are organized within one-semester courses. Students’ activities during the semester (pre-examination obligations), such as class attendance, mid-term exams, turning in papers and homework, are scored. The ratio of the number of points earned in pre-examination and exams is determined for each subject individually, with the pre-examination obligations carrying at least 30 and up to 70 points. The final exams are taken at the School within the appropriate exam terms, which are: January, April, June (1 and 2), September and October (1 and 2). By completing their preliminary obligations and taking the exam, a student can earn a maximum of 100 points, with a score of at least 51 points for a grade of 6, a score of 61 points for a grade of 7, a score of at least 71 points for a grade of 8, a score of at least 81 points for a grade of 9 and a score of at least 91 points for a grade of 10.

Goals and outcomes

The basic goal of this curriculum is for students to obtain expert knowledge, competences and skills related to textile and apparel design, which in itself is achieved through reaching several other goals:

  • development of creative and vocational abbilities, nurturing cooperation, communication skills and a creative spirit;
  • mastering specific and practical skills needed in order to work in this field, related to art, textile and apparel design, and textile and apparel technology;
  • achieving coherence between the curriculum and the basic tasks and goals of the School;
  • encouraging creativity and problem-solving abilities both individually and within a team (through practical classes, modern teaching methods and internship), so as to enable the graduate to succesfully develop a career in the textile/fashion sector.

The goal of this curriculum is also to provide the students with knowledge that would allow them to continue their studies and further improve themselves.

By mastering the Textile and Apparel Design study program, the graduate acquires general and subject specific skills:

  • to apply the knowledge of material properties and requirements of apparel construction in fashion design;
  • to present their work using digital and classical media;
  • to participate in a complex, creative design process, both in a team and individually, working in organizations pertaining to the textile sector, as well as on independent design projects;
  • to work and create in design centers, small, medium and large companies that are dedicated mostly to producing textile and apparel items and providing other services in that field;
  • to implement the knowledge they've obtained in their own enterprises.

Continuation of studies

Upon completing basic applied studies, a student can enrol in specialist applied studies or master applied studies.

Head of the study program

Marina Kacareva Ranisavljev, PhD


Curriculum accredited in 2016.
Course code Course Статус ECTS credits
First year
1st semester
ISU 114009 History of Art compulsory 7
CIS 116010 Drawing and Painting compulsory 6
NGP 113011 Descriptive Geometry and Perspective compulsory 6
MEN 114005 Product Management compulsory 6
LEK 115012 Artistic Elements and Composition compulsory 5
2nd semester
MIO 115019 Fashion and Clothing compulsory 5
TVL 113016 Textile Fibers compulsory 7
AKT 116012 Art Nude compulsory 6
RAČ 113026 Computers compulsory 6
ENG 114007 English compulsory 6
Total ECTS credits per year 60
Second year
3rd semester
KOS 115033 Costume design 1 compulsory 6
TTN 113025 Woven and Nonwoven Fabric Technology compulsory 7
OKM 113021 The Basics of Garment Construction and Modeling compulsory 7
4th semester
TPT 113039 Knitted Fabric Technology compulsory 5
KOS 116054 Costume design 2 compulsory 5
TMA 113180 Textile Materials compulsory 3
STP 116185 Internship 1 compulsory 2
Total ECTS credits per year 60
Third year
5th semester
MIL 116081 Fashion Illustration elective 5
6th semester
TPR 116082 Presentation Techniques compulsory 5
TOF 116083 The Transposition of Apparel Forms compulsory 5
STP 116084 Internship 2 compulsory 4
ZVR 116086 Final Paper compulsory 6
Total ECTS credits per year 60